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21 Days New Year : Gratitude + Intention Circle

Where : Anywhere in the World

When :  Month of January

If joining the online circle on the 'Marco Polo' app

we will be starting on January 1st and you can
leave your messages everyday (or as often as you like)

We will formally finish up the 4th week of January,

but the group will stay open to post into the year

About the Global Circle :

Gratitude is a highly energetic emotion! 
We will be supercharging our Intentions together as a group

with this 21 day practice.

Spend a little time each day cultivating a gratitude buzz

& add then add in your intentions for the moment, day, week, year, eternity.
You can set intentions for your life, your circles, and the world.
As always we encourage setting intentions for the highest and best for all.

You can participate in several ways :

1 ) Create your own practice

2) Ask to Join the Circle on the app

and share 21 days of January

3) Use the Gratitude & Intention Prayer Bead kit

to ground your practice in a physical form.

It's just fun!   


Only 10 kits available to give away from our shop, first come until they are gone.

You can also make your own!

Joint the Circle :

To register email
to have your name added to the Virtual Talking Stick  group
if you would like to join us in virtual circle at anytime that works for your schedule.  

(you will need to download the free app )  

The group will be limited to 10 people.  
You will get a short email response with info about the online circle.  

Please join by January 5th to participate this year.

Blessings & Love to you in the New Year!

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