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Cirlce Up  CommUnity Social Hour

Open every week to  Circle CommUnity Members

$20 event included with Membership

On Thursdays at 5:00 we Circle Up around Herbal Tonics and have a gathering we call  'CommUnity Hour.'  You are invited to show up as yourself, as you are, and connect with others for meaningful conversation.  Right after Herbal Tonics we shift into a social activity to enjoy playful connected time together.

Because this time is designed to LIFT US UP Together!

we call this Circle UP Social Hour

There's usually lots of laughter and storytelling, and sometimes some heartfelt emotions too, because its a space that welcomes our complexity as part of the experience of developing strong relationships within our circles of friends. 

Doors open at 5:00 and we have Herbal Tonics until 6:00 when we transition to our 'Circle Up' activity for the evening.  You are welcome to leave before our activity or just transition right on into a Thursday evening with CommUnity.

Everything is provided and usually there is a light snack.

RSVP as a Circle CommUnity Member

Included in The Divine Life Playhouse Circle CommUnity Membership

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Open every week to  Circle CommUnity Members


Thursdays 6:00-8:00

Please reserve your space in Advance

email or call The Divine Playhouse 615.258.4101 if you need any help


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