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Creative Ritual

Join in this 4 week repeating Artistic Play series

This is all about showing up to Nurture your Creative Impulses in a Freestyle Experience, we like to call -Meditation Creation-!

It's not about a finished product. It's about the Experience! It's about tapping into the creative SOURCE to Create

We will be doing some very light meditation work, to let go of our logical left brain thinking and transition to a *Creative State of Mind*

Each week we will Play with different art supplies 

This is an opportunity to experience "process art" for the sake of exploration and creative processing

The sessions are designed to encourage a nice balance  between seriousness & playfulness while practicing
creative expression & self-discovery

All art supplies are provided, 
you may want to bring some personal items to use in your projects to make them more personalized

Included in The Divine Life Playhouse Circle CommUnity Membership

RSVP as a Circle CommUnity Member

Registration Details

$100 Pre-registration Required if not a Circle CommUnity Member


Wednesdays 5:30- 7:00pm

Please reserve your space in Advance

Circle CommUnity 
4 week Series Guest

email or call The Divine Playhouse 615.258.4101 if you need any help


Exchange Agreement Coupons are accepted for this Activity
please email for more details & to discuss possible exchange ideas.

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